Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018

The center most state of India, Madhya Pradesh is as diverse as the whole of India is. With a tint of culture adopted from all across the nation, Madhya Pradesh is truly the heart of incredible India. Isn't it whatever happens in the heart gets transported to whole of the body? Madhya Pradesh is the pathological barometer of India.  

After every election gone by, voter learns new lessons. It's evident from the fact that how NOTA and the new political parties (like AAP) have quickly emerged with strong identity. With the advent of new and young political leaders, the flavour of leadership is diversifying. This assembly election will send shock waves to the political metrics of upcoming General Assembly Elections due next year in 2019.

The first election commissioner of India, in year 1952, Sir Sukumar Sen had weaved the method of actualizing the "right to vote" for every Indian. His vision had made the ultimate concept of Universal Adult Franchise (UAF) in the formation of the first people's government in India. He had done the impossible by enrolling every single adult citizen as voter. He had enabled Indians with the right to elect government. Year 2018, will write another history, this will be the election by the people who are more informed and educated.

This map above is the thermostat of how educated leaders will combat sinful, corrupt and illiterate power mongers of Madhya Pradesh in due assembly election 2018.

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