Unlimited Limitations

We are not dying, perhaps we get next set of senses by surrendering the existing five senses. Maybe death is just a stage to go to the next level..."

Time is the only one such physical unit which one cannot feel but experience. In this enormous universe made up of trillion trillion things, why humans have only five channels to engage with it? Why humans can only touch, smell, taste, hear and see this universe and nothing else we can do with it?
I am sure there must be more than five ways to interact with the cosmos. This
universe must be having at least one billion of such units like time unknown to human race. Yes time cannot be touched, smelled, tasted, heard or seen but can still be profoundly experienced by mankind.
Other than time, can we imagine what those units could be? If we realize about things which exist but can't be felt using our all five senses what will we conclude about species we see and pity upon? Don't we realize that those seem senseless to us are having stronger sense than we have? Perhaps we will realize that plants are more inteligent than us because they don't need any of the five senses to communicate among themselves and they have a lot more senses than just these five!
Perhaps they are able to communicate irrespective of the distance. Perhaps they have ability of inter gallectic communication. Perhaps real communication doesn't require any language at all! Just no encoder or decoder like alphabet, speech or body gesture! We human think of ourselves as the most inteligent species of the universe but I think we are dumb because all we have is only five ways to engage with this universe. With this limited means we generate reasons that trigger violence. We often break out amongst us and kill each other. Perhaps we need more senses to understand what we miss otherwise. With limited senses we develop so many miss understanding that we tend to fight all the time. This whole thing called senses deliver a valid reason to ponder upon the idea that perhaps we are far inferior than any other species that we share this world with.
Our mind is able to conceive the ideas that what we physically can't do. For example if I wish to think about reaching at the edge of the universe, my mind will accumulate the best of knowledge about the cosmos and will reach at its edge. This implies that perhaps our mind is free from the limits imposed by the time-space curvature. Dreams, imaginations, thoughts are not bounded by physical laws but this body is.
Why? Are we caged? Is that implies that life is surreal? Or may even not death is final conclusion of life?
I may be sounding theocratic but I am not. I am just posting questions everyone is asking from everyone else but no one has satisfying answers...

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