"Make the path by walking…"

- Spanish Proverb

Either smile with tears or cry silently but don’t use words while narrating the myriads of your voyage

“It is not easy to walk in the forest after the season of rains. Forest is extremely artistic in deleting the paths we had made in last summer just by walking. After every winter, forest invites us to walk again… through the curves of plants all blossomed. Flowers entice us to come close and go away…  
We are all travelling through uncharted paths with a hope that someday we will reach where we wanted go. Only few us know that nothing so precious is waiting there at the destination. In fact, there is no destination at all. Or perhaps, I am not sure about the existence of any destination as much as I am sure about the roads. I know few roads untraveled, few less travelled and few those are haunted.
Not that I don’t know about the busy, smooth and silky highways but where not even high-speed ride ever excites the rider, why to waste time.
I love journey, because while in journey we are ought to keep less baggage and lots of hope. Because at the destinations we rest with a lot of baggage and very less hopes. Journey keep our heads up, legs on ground and chest breathing. Travel keeps us less sure about what might happen and gives enough time to imagine what could have or could not have happened.
Because in journey, we smile with tears while looking backward and smile silently while looking ahead. At destinations… we seldom smile… all we do is keep rethinking of everything that happened while we were in journey.