The politics of 21st century

Young lads born in 21st century, for the first time, are going to vote for their government in the range of upcoming elections this year and the next. What politics are they looking for?

Alok Agrawal, CM Candidate AAP MP, signed on stamp paper to commit minimum 30 point reforms to the people of Madhya Pradesh

“Alok Agarwal is the first politician in the history of Madhya Pradesh politics to commit 30 points reforms on the stamp paper. Thus, he is legally bound by his oath to the citizen of state that for minimum of 30 reforms will be accomplished if Aam Aadmi Party Madhya Pradesh acceded to power in the 12th legislative election of Madhya Pradesh state in 2018.
The stamp paper that Alok has signed is getting viral all over the social media. People are taking about the seriousness of leaders of AAP MP. It has charged up the debate for weather or not every single political organization should be legally committed to their voters. The entire political discourse in the state has been shifted from the communal hot talk to the intention of being in politics. This is what the people of 21st century wants from their leaders i.e. declare why they are in the politics at the first place.
So far, election manifestoes used to be just a piece of paper tendering no legal or moral obligation towards the voters. It has now become, a sort of, fashion to use manifestoes as a political stunt; merely a tantrum to woo voters. Election manifestoes are losing its credibility because, by nature, manifestoes tender no constitutional commitment to the people of state. All political parties, normally, discard their own election manifestoes as the first thing after assuming power.
Alok is keen on ending this devious practice. According to Alok, it is a clear case of offence as per the art. 420 of IPC i.e. not fulfilling the commitment made during election campaigns. “Many of them vote us because we set hopes in the mind of our people, it is cheating not to honor those hopes” said Alok Agrawal.

Victory or no victory, the Madhya Pradesh unit of Aam Aadmi Party has thrown this open challenge to every other contestant in the state. A lot of people born in 21st century is going to vote for their government in the range of upcoming election this year and next. They don’t want to go by the idea of traditional political based upon community, caste and religion. They are now raising tough questions, questions that no one answered so far… questions that have been lying around since independence of India. Questions… like why should anyone get the vote of the common man? This generation is ought to set this question right at the credo of new age politics! Politics of today has a very legitimate question… i.e. Why? Why should I vote? And more important, why should I vote you?

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