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Reversing Democracy

It took thousands of years to get democracy as a method to elect the government. Out of 100 odd countries where democracy exists in some form or another, very few countries succeeded in constitutionally implementing democratic moralities.

After Europe and USA, India is the only country in Asia where the federal system of parliamentarian government rules the country which gets elected by a greater sense of democratic values in the election methods. The idea of equal representation of every class, caste, creed, culture, and community into the parliament of India has been best served constitutionally. This is not so perfectly formed even in the USA. 
We must thank our forefathers who have devoted so much time and hard works to make the constitution which ensures freedom for every one of us. Not even the USA had the right to vote for women until 1981. India had implemented the law of universal adult franchise since the very first general election in India in the year 1952. 
Our first gene…

Pulwama Attack & Use of Militancy

"Kashmir is a part of India because in 1947 neither Radcliff nor India-Pak Border Demarcation Committee ever suggested Kashmir to be ceded from India for Pakistan. As the deadline to set free these two Asian Subcontinent approached, the last viceroy of India could not help but declared that all princely states are free to join either of the sides after independence. Under this clause too, the last king of Kashmir, Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession Act 1947 in favor of India. So, all international laws agree to the fact that Kashmir belongs to India. Pakistan’s argument is that if the majority of Kashmiri’s are Muslims how can a Hindu king decide the fate of Kashmiris. The answer is, India is a secular country and doesn’t classify its people based upon any religion or ethnic identity. Here, again Pakistan claims fall short of credible argument against India. 

Over a period of 70 years, religious outfits in South Asia have polarized the people vehemently. Hindu Extremist…

Learning begins with unlearning

Any construction of a high-rise tower begins with digging the land to create strong base. This depth of the base is directly proportional to height of the tower. 

"It has been observed that people who have learned left hand drive vehicles do fatal mistakes when they are attempting to learn right hand drive vehicles. I was once nearly escaped death when I was learning to drive Classic Royal Enfield 350 because I was expert in driving latest Royal Enfield Motor Bikes and the placing of Clutch, Gear and Breaks of the both the vehicles are designed opposite. 
In learning life skills, each one us have an attached past. A past which has made us learn things which is hinderance in learning more important tools or skills. We all have pre-conceived notions about certain people, place, behavior, art or skills. Like, when I was living with my parents in a small town far away from any known city, my family used to discuss in dinner table about traffic in city. Road accidents, pollution, traf…

My political belief

"My vision is that everyone irrespective of their history must be allowed to participate in ensuring the progress of mankind without endangering any human or group of humans"  - Jitendra Rajaram 

Politics is a power struggle between “Handful powerful elites” and “Millions of weak & poor people”. The ruling power is a temporary state of equilibrium. This equilibrium is the sum of positive and negative powers like religion, wealth, societies, people unions, custom, culture, and ethnicities etc. This equilibrium can be managed and sustained through various funnels like autocracy, theocracy, plutocracy, and democracy. Each one of these funnels has their merits and demerits. Each one of them gives larger control to the “Few powerful elites” and a little control to the “Millions of weak and poor people”. Out of all these funnels, democracy is one thing that provides a reasonably OK power balance between “Elites & Weak”. 
In a democracy, a lot of ideas, beliefs, demands, negot…