Pulwama Attack & Use of Militancy

"Kashmir is a part of India because in 1947 neither Radcliff nor India-Pak Border Demarcation Committee ever suggested Kashmir to be ceded from India for Pakistan. As the deadline to set free these two Asian Subcontinent approached, the last viceroy of India could not help but declared that all princely states are free to join either of the sides after independence. Under this clause too, the last king of Kashmir, Hari Singh signed the Instrument of Accession Act 1947 in favor of India. So, all international laws agree to the fact that Kashmir belongs to India. Pakistan’s argument is that if the majority of Kashmiri’s are Muslims how can a Hindu king decide the fate of Kashmiris. The answer is, India is a secular country and doesn’t classify its people based upon any religion or ethnic identity. Here, again Pakistan claims fall short of credible argument against India. 

Over a period of 70 years, religious outfits in South Asia have polarized the people vehemently. Hindu Extremists like RSS & HMS have demanded a Hindu Nation and in response, Muslim and Christians along with Hindus living within Indian territories drifted away from the idea of India.
All nations in the world having a religious identity are facing extreme violence. Still, the majoritarian right-wing outfits of India wants India to become a religious state. This is where conflict arises. In this lunatic aspiration of a religious nation, Hindus and Muslim hardliners are equally damaging and equally ready for the war. It is just that Muslims are in minority, they’re able to play the victim card. 
India has a large population which is secular, plural and/or atheist. They want India to be secular, democratic and republic. These people are less in the proportion of the right-wing population. Hence, the loudness of these lunatics is jarring the very debate between progressive and regressive groups.
Violence has always been the tool of the ruling power. Army used to be an organization under the command of the head of the state. Its primary objective was to safeguard the dominion from foreign invasion but its usefulness reduced after international treaties upon state-borders. Post-world-war-two, the scope of war reduced significantly. For Armies to remain important, they needed enemies. International border treaties revoked the possibilities of any direct offense among national armies. Hence, military groups without any land base have been created. These military groups are called terrorists. They are an improved version of bandits. Bandits used to fight with police, terrorists fight with the army. Terrorism is an excuse for the state politicians to keep the army relevant and keep the weapon industry running. While weapon trade is profitable for state rulers, terrorism also keep the common people busy in a dogfight. In feudal chest thumping, they forget their real pain of unemployment, social insecurity, medical facilities, education and right to live a dignified life.
Anywhere in the world, the military has not solved any conflict to date. Terrorism is keeping us busy in hatred. This pseudo war between national armies (states) and guerrilla armies (terrorists) is killing our own bovine people. Our people, soldiers or common people, are dying so that states and terrorists accrue their bills incurred as an expense of war. Our blood is their profit.
They have successfully botched the hard-earned democracy by this artificial militancy. They are killing us to kill democracy.

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