Man Ki Baat of a Fool (i.e. me don’t get confused)

Democracy was supposed to be the rule of the people but it has reduced to the use of the people only in the election. Today democracy is nothing but the rule of the majority over all the minorities put together. 

In the quest of winning the election, political parties have galvanized the rivalry as if the people supporting these parties are on the border fighting against each other. The fire being spewed in TV debates are fermenting the hatred as if everyone has to take up to the guns and not EVMs. Social media debates and abuses in comment threads are like the next step would be burning the person alive and nothing less.

This was not the idea of election… not all the 545 Members of Parliament belong to one party. They all meet each other in parliament under one roof during parliament sessions. They don’t abuse each other, or lynch each other… they cheer, greet and laugh on each other’s joke or friendly pat. They don’t instigate each other to fight like their supporters does over social media and yes on streets, malls, and theatres. 

It doesn’t matter which party you support or which one do I,  few leaders win elections seeking either of your votes and few other leaders win elections by my vote. After winning elections and even losing it, they are living a very friendly and luxurious life. Whatever policies they are drafting, they know how to gain the support, how to pass it in the lower house and upper house. They know their job well, and thus they keep meeting and greeting everyone in their fraternity. They’re not abusing each other or gloating bad words. They live in peace among themselves and we are fighting like street dogs for rags or nothing. 

This is my mental log. I am writing this after a long mental process. I have got to know that a few of my friends are ashamed of being my friend. They disgust days they had spent with me. They feel pity on me because they see I am now not speaking or writing what they like or agree upon. They are ashamed of me because I was a teacher for six years of my life.

I never wanted to be a teacher but because I wanted to write my book, I had to break away from the high paying corporate job to be somewhere I can fetch more time to write. In the process, I discovered that a general staff-room perception about the student is horribly wrong. Since the inception of schools and colleges, the teacher’s staff room has been believing upon a lie. A lie that present generation students are worse as compared to the students of the previous generation. Believing upon what my staff room believed, I went into my first class prepared that I will not let any student insult me. My objective was not to teach but to defend my job as a teacher. To my surprise, students were not as bad as staff-room was talking. In fact, students were hungry for more knowledge. They were open for discussion… they had more curiosity than any other people I ever met. The only difference was their questions were out of syllabus. They knew that they can deal with syllabus a night before the exam so they wanted something more than the syllabus. Their priorities were seeking answers to the questions bothering them most. In the process, they forget to give or get respect the way society aspects them. 

I started enjoying attending to the curiosities of my students. In the process, I started receiving love, respect, and friendship in return. I started loving myself as a teacher. 

I am a human being, an emotional, ill-grown, uninformed, inadequately educated human being. My laziness and happy go lucky attitude forced me to break rules, walking away from the pack and derailing from the regimented discipline of being a college teacher. Private institutions have their own carrot and stick model of regimenting their staff. I, fortunately, did not flinch either to the carrot or the stick of the institute owners. I left teaching at the college. I thought I should teach people who are doing jobs in private sectors so that they get better promotions, careers, and success in their lives. It will keep my household income running and I will be able to focus upon writing. Thus, I was still a teacher but not in an educational institute. 
I want to write because written documents can live a lot more than one human life. If I write anything today, it can be read 100 or 1000 years from now. By writing, I can talk to the people who will born in the future after I will be long gone. Teaching is only about the present but writing is about the future. Thus I left even corporate teaching and started investing myself in writing full time. 

I do not write comedy, romance or thriller. I write sociology, culture, politics, economics, and history. I have a reason for writing these subjects… these are the subjects which will mold the course of mankind in the future. I try very hard to be responsible, thoughtful and well-informed about the subjects I pick up.  I am aware of the consequences of being wrong, insufficient or unnatural in my writings. However, the margin of error must be given, I am a human being. I am an emotional, ill-grown, uninformed, inadequately educated human being. 

Today, I write against right-wing politics and support equality and justice in society. After every big recession, right-wing politics starts gaining acceptance. Recession 2008 was no different rather it was more dangerous. For the first time, the middle class and poor class was affected by the recession along with rich businessmen. As the corollary says, this recession triggered the tide of right-wing politics across the world. Today in 2019, right-wing politics is ruling almost as much land size British Raj used to rule a century ago. In a time when Right Wing controls every single institution and tool of the system, standing against the Right-Wing is like taking the bullet everywhere on the body. 

Well, time tests the beliefs of the people. These confrontations and abuses will only help me grow my hope upon my knowledge. My political and social understanding will grow wider. 

The purpose of this article is not to seek mercy. Right-wing politicians seldom have any mercy upon anyone. The purpose is to let readers know two very specific things.
  1. I am no longer a teacher and will never be a teacher again. So, while abusing me in social media or in personal phone calls, please do not bother my history of being a teacher. 
  2. I am a writer. A writer who will be a full-time politician very soon. A politician who will never support the rule of religion, jingoism, and inequality. 

A politician who will not die before building a quality education system free and mandatory for every human alive on earth. This is my call of duty… I will never quit writing because writing is eternal. Thoughts inked once are immortal.


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