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The Perfect Time to Live on Earth

"Whenever a worldwide change happens, it shakes the existing system. It has happened in the past when the ocean voyage helped us find America..." "From the invention of farming to the moon landing, human evolution was dead slow. It is only after the invention of the computer, mankind took lightning speed. Not very long from now but in the future, the history of human evolution will be written in two phases. One about what had happened before the invention of the wheel and second before the invention of the hashtag. The information age has accelerated human progress because the definition of power has changed. Until World War Two, the power was all about the ability to fight and kill. After dotcom, the power is about the ability to communicate with masses. This is where this 21st century turns out to be the best time to live a human life. 

Mahatma Gandhi's philosophy of non-violence heated up exactly between the two bloodiest wars in human history i.e. the world wars. …