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From Bangalore to Bengaluru (2009 to 2019)

I was 26 when I had left Bangalore, 36 when I am back. 2007 was the time, when had arrived here first, its new airport was launched. 2009, I was leaving Bangalore, billboards all across the streets had signing-off messages reading "Bye Bye Bangalore!". It was a subliminal marketing method to promote that "Bangalore is now Bengaluru".

When I was leaving, global economy was punctured, when I am here, Indian economy is breathing high and low. Don't judge me, none of these name change, airport shifting, global economy and national economy has been distorted or ruptured by me. I am just an observer of the change trying to be passenger of change. The passive narration of this story is the symbol of disappointments I carry with the city of utmost hope.

This city is like a young girl hailing from a far off-lands trying out pace her urban counterparts to become the world leader. In the process she has forgotten that heart can be displaced but not the mind. She is tryi…