On Global Alliances and its strategic benefits to the respective countries. 

My Views of your parents! 

Mai maati hu mamta se sani... anmol meri maa ki nazar me
mudh kar nahi dekha!
1. Tom Boy: Showcasing Stupid Time Pass Actions

2. He he he you can see the brick below the tyres!! but see my eyes I am driving! 

Next you seee! 

Eyes Effects!

Showers of blessings: Mom:Dad:Dadi:Nani 

Gen-X being blessed! 

Param Punya Shree! Babu Ji Prahlad... Soul Departed On 8/1/2010

Dancing Dost! Abhishek Sharma
Introduction Not Required! 

College Senior: Dinesh Rangari Sir, Alumni Meet 2011 IIPS, Indore

World Cup Victory At last!!!! We are the champions! 

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