“This is precisely what youths can do for retaining the pride of India. A journey every Indian should undertake through this book.
: - Sqn. Ldr. Rakesh Yadav
Indian Air Force

This book will seriously force you to think on taking challenges of our nation. JV has perfectly explained that failures are temporary... so every time when you are knocked down...just get up and get up stronger!!
: - Omkar Singh
3 Gold Winner, Commonwealth Games, 2010  

 A Jitendra Rajaram Verma inception

I want to talk to this world directly through my words on blogs, novels or on the podium or from wherever with whoever understands my language or can afford to hear me on the issue which perhaps has not been sufficiently addressed so far i.e. ‘Quality Education for every common and rare human being for free’.... with this mission, I hope I will keep bothering you as long as I am breathing or perhaps even beyond!

To my Beloved Father
He who has given me the courage to fly…


“You Guys rocked this year!” said the former classmate cum existing wife of another former classmate. We are invited in the Alumina Conference of our college from where we had done MBA some four years ago.
“Yes! We did” replied Visthi to the beautiful woman who used to be the most stunning girl of our class and married to the winner of the race of being ‘most eligible bachelor’ among us.
Visthi is appearing damn professional, a mix of a management graduate, a corporate professional and a new politician atop by her Barbie girl attitude. She is enjoying the coffee which reminds us the college canteen days. A Coffee of Rs.5 in university canteen worth’s more than that of a five star hotel I bet. 
“Excuse me!” said Mannu and left to take coffee, where he got hooked by the row of juniors to talk about his political expertise. Everyone knows that Mannu is the master brain of the SBF 
Post this high tea; this conference will be inaugurated by the Vice-Chancellor of the university. Director Sir of our college has invited us as special guest considering us the national political leaders and youth icons.
“Aren’t you people scared of those dirty politicians?” the gorgeous wife continued her conversation with Visthi “I heard they kill those who do not help them in corruption! They are very strong!” with a girly-whispering style she extended
“That’s what!” Visthi is talking too much like a grown up politician “You heard that they are brutal, we made them realize that we are forefathers of all of them” she grinned
Girls talk I bobbed my head by looking at her husband the most eligible bachelor uh!
“Wonderful buddies! We all used to talk about the change in system but you guys made it. Many of us keep discussing about your efforts... we thought it is not possible!” her husband began the conversation with me “... but you guys made us believe that there is a loop!” he took the sip of the coffee
“Thanks buddy! Politics is nothing without the people like you!” I counter appraised him. In India, if someone praises your make-up, dress, performance than you are advised to counter praise them, even if... leave it!!
This round of greetings from our old pals, seniors and juniors remained continued for long. Many of my colleagues have developed successful businesses of their own. Many of them are working in US, UK and Singapore. Every face which used to be the most idiotic face of campus some four years ago resembles to some corporate icon today. Those who used to learn how to knot a tie are appearing dashing and handsome in Armani, Versace while having a Blackberry studded in their hands. Many of them are married; many of them have married our classmate or our junior. Our professor of marketing management told me a while ago ‘our batch has largest loving couples who finally tied nuptial knot!’ At least this can be considered as our achievement in a college where Grade Pointers, Style Quo, Fashion and Technical expertise were the scale of mapping talents of a class.
Many of our friends, teachers, juniors and seniors have admired our attempt of making a difference long awaited impatiently by every Indian... Many of them have termed us foolish for our impossible objectives. But the matter of fact is everyone noticed us doing the most unexpected and the most unchallenged... we are the average student of management studies, never been in the top list of any event of college or school... but today, we have achieved something which even the experts have never dared to think of.
Our juniors requested us to move towards the VIP dorm inside magnificent conference hall of University of Indore. The Vice Chancellor has arrived and the convention is about to begin.
“I can’t believe it!” said our Barbie doll Vishi “we are the VIP invitees of our college where we used to do the most ironic fun some four years ago”
I responded her with a grin and a question “Where are Prabhu and Paayal?”
“They are arriving late as usual” She replied hinting me that married couple can never turn up in time!                                                             


City of Annapurna
For some, it is a daylong year and for other a yearlong day… Time must have an emotional compass. Life is a blip long for those who enjoyed it and longer than millennia for the one who soaked in curse... Flowers, perhaps, do taste all the flavours of life in one single day. Some of them as a slave of human to be served in the temple, mosque or church in the revere of their respective Gods, some smashed off below the feet to welcome... or are buried along with the soul set to rest in peace. Some other flowers live in majestic commotion of branches along the breeze touching their winsome petals in the warmth of morning sun… and die in the same evening…
Coffee?” asked Prabhu, he dispersed my simulated clouds of imagination. I took cup from his hand, gestured a nod to thank and turned back to this lovely garden view from the balcony of my flat at the 11th floor of an elegant residence of Vijay Nagar Indore.
“Awesome, it is something which can mesmerize anyone” as if Prabhu is trying to readout my brains fluxes, he looked to me for my approval.
“True” I nodded without turning to him and lit a cigarette. I purposely wanted to dismiss awesome about this dawn.
“I heard people wake up late after a long boozing nights? How are you here in balcony before the Sun?” an unnecessary, over the coffee gossip of Prabhu.
“I don’t like talking in morning Prabhu, please!” he noticed the smoke and fire-words coming out together from my mouth.
“Damn! Like some ghosts drank it…” he is goofing in mug because he finished it sooner than expected “mine is over do you want me to take your mug along?” he turned back to leave me alone in way as if giving punishment.
“No Thanks” I said almost in anger
He giggled while murmuring “Seems some girl is about to come in garden” and then shouted “its ok pal I will not poke in... enjoy!” and he left to re- facilitate me peace here.
“Girl…” he succeeded to put a little smile on my face.
Just few yards away from this elegant building of my residence are the heaps of garbage, small kids (I wonder if they have the parents…) playing and searching for some saleable scrape out of the tonnes of smelling, dirty and yukk garbage. Walk a few hundred yards ahead of this high rise building; it is dubious to figure out road form the dumps and humps. Among the road jams, horns and cranks do exist, super-malls and luxurious office villas. A driver of an almost exhausted Maruti Van took my attention. He was shouting Bhawarkuan, Navlakkha and offering me to sit in the front seat; for daily commuters, especially youngsters, it is respectable to have a prime seat. I singled an Auto-Rickshaw for hire and took out my Nokia N73 out of the pocket.
“Dad!” I chuckled as soon as other side picked up.
“Yes darling! How is your new home?” in office, he was shouting on somebody just before he picked up my phone.
“Dad! It is month old now and I gotta few friends to live with me here… stop boring with same old joke” I just stretched my lips second time this day by dads poor joke.
“Is there any problem chap?” a sense of concern appeared in his voice; I love my dad.
“Dad! Either a Car or I will stay in the Hostel” A sort of blackmail, I know he will not allow me go hostel. He bought a flat for me.
“None!” in a blunt rude voice
I simply hanged up in anger. I know dad knows I drive rash; this is the reason he is scared of not letting me drive here being away from family but he never refuses me in such a rude voice.
My anger evaporates whenever I start looking around the world but these under-construction roads, jams and horns further ragged me. I slammed my hand in disgust which in turn broke the meter lamp of the rickshaw… I paid triple of a car’s expenditure. I never let the Auto-Rickshaw get into the campus of university; I love to walk in the corridors of the temple of wisdom (and get to see a few goddesses of heart!). I do it daily, I enjoy walking in the campus. Natural beauty (...and facial beauties of course) of university campus keeps me intact. If anything tasty, I keep it in mouth for long time to enjoy it fullest.   
While entering to the college, I wondered that class is still on; as the scheduled lecture must be over by this time. I glanced to my watch oh! Half an hour is still to get over. I took out my phone to send a text message to Visthi to ask ‘shall I come in to class or wait for them outside?’  It is not a big deal to chat in texts in the classrooms; we almost are perfect in conversing in texts as good as we can speak. In a second she replied ‘in’ and without a second thought I knocked the door... in turn it fell open.
60 pairs of eyes... sorry 61 (one pair of my dear professor) pairs of eyes are gawking at me. I am scared perhaps to face them but kept my face as normal as possible... though not after looking in the eyes of Professor Chakradhar (Chakku, a knife, we call him because of his canny tongue)
“Don’t... come... late!” Chakku is trying bite me by his eyes “...if late... don’t come!”   
Like some mathematical derivation ‘don’t come late, if late don’t come’ I took time to understand what he said but before I bother to do so, I asked
                “shhh....shall I come in Sir?” No expectation of getting his node but before he could reply I got to see my pals Vishthi, Prabhu and Mannu from backbench are inviting me. I walked in as soon as he swept his breathe in to reply... in turn he dropped his idea to keep me out.
61 mouths laughing... sorry 60 mouths (professor Chakku is still amazed of my dare to move in without his consent) laughing while I am walking towards my permanent backbench by typing text in my mobile ‘Guys! I brought pan parag (an after smoke mouth freshener) want to have?’ and sent it to the SMS group.
We are barely bothered about what Chakku is vomiting at the board, all we are busy in sharing ‘pan parag’. It comes in a pouch made up of poly-ethane foil, which makes noise while tearing or rubbing it. This noise took Chakku’s attention while Prabhu is busy in pouring it in his mouth by tilting his head high-upside. Everyone in the classroom followed the eyes of Professor Chakku. Very late Prabhu got to notice that he is bugged! And so are we!!
Chakku roared in annoyance “GET OUT!!!!”
“Don’t come late... if late don’t come” Prabhu mimicked Chakku’s voice and everyone else exploded to laugh.
At university canteen, you need not be a laughter show winner to crack a joke, all you should know is to pull legs.
“Buddies! I am missing such classes after bunking the boring lectures. This is the only class (canteen) for which I come to college” in a very North Indians killing thick ascent Mannu showed his concern over the repeated cancelations of the classes.
“Guys!! Do you know who his new crush is?” Prabhu pulls everyone’s leg especially of Mannu, Prabhu screamed louder to seek attention “This bloody ass-hole Mannu, he keeps staring at Sweetie Mam’s face like a pig” we blasted and got the attention of everyone in and around canteen.
“Prabhu! Stop your shit jokes, people do care ok! She is a nice teacher” Visthi in her all time Kiran Bedi attitude. I am not able to understand, may be they are talking about the morning’s first lecture by Sweetie Madam. I was one hour late for the last lecture of the day uh!
“Ya ya ya I know” Prabhu tried to take back his lost-by-lady-over-the-coffee grace as everyone chortles.      
“What’s wrong, she is worth it… far beautiful than our classmates” Mannu began giggling but stopped when he noticed Visthi is turning red.
“True, true, true…” I wonder if our parliament ever heard so many true’s in any sessions ever.
                “15 Samosa, 9 Pohas and 4 Sprites…. Guys! Contribute Rs.20 each” I was calculating the bill at the counter and took out my contribution from the purse as did everyone else
While everyone is busy to drain their pockets, I focused upon a girl zooming in to the canteen with a few other students. Uuuuh! Wowww!!! All I managed to run in my mind. Eyes are blinklessly staring her while she crossed by me... her fragrance wined my neurons. Extremely fair, marvellously designed and divinely blessed attitude, she is just more than unique creature present in the campus. I now no longer can claim that I never fall for a girl, rather now I am planning for ways of getting her in my life. I suddenly noticed that everyone of group is noticing me. I swiftly walked out of the canteen in an assumption that all other will follow me. This way we concluded the only most successful human gathering of the world i.e. class bunking.
University campus! A lovely, young and synergized face of mixed emotional drawing of dream, ambition and fear... is appearing fresh and charming. A not-so-rich-dad’s son from the deep rooted villages of India secretly tries to learn how his Gen-X counterparts wear, walk and talk with others, A so-much-rich-dad’s daughter with eloquent goggle, appealing dressing sense and wet-perfumed hair cruses in the parking lot and slants towards the college building with high-rise neck and jaw dropping attitude… you just can’t resist the youth in you if you are in premises.  It churns out the mega-brain of future, engineers a generation which will crew the future of humanity. It is a temple where winsome minds get exposed with the cruelty grownups world and saddles the horse of their imaginations.
Welcome to the threshold junction of becoming Mature-Human-Being of tomorrow….!!!The University of Indore

Junkyard in Making
I am walking alone in the outskirt of the city with minimum disruption of traffic, crowd and chaos. No sun rays to pinch and no moon light to sketch shadow of any kind. It facilitates you to be with purely you and your world of imagination. Friends are a few such grandiose creation of humanity who never let you get rid-off them. I feel I am more close to my friends when actually I am not. They often appear in my kaleidoscope with smiling faces and erect a similar sting in my lips.
Visthi, daughter of an Army Officer has seen the magnificence of India from the eastern Assam to the northern Leh. The majestic Jodhpur to the tidy Tamils, she loves the country but hates our countrymen. She hates almost every system of Public offices of India, with a clear reasoning and conclusions. In spite of this very unusual or not so girlish attitude, she is indeed a very beautiful girl with lean aesthetic, wide blue eyes, Short of beauty parlour material. She can tactfully dismiss the political and defence related misrepresentation of any male colleague and can even suggest the beauty tips to her friends. If not so mirror cracking in appearance, then add on her Flora-and-fauna lifestyle, she will turn out to be a dream girl of many young men knowing her. With many awards in national level debate competitions, and almost same number of awards in dance competitions, she has refused many proposals so far claiming that she can’t remain emotional fool for longer period of time. Love kind of words do not excite her, though her claim turned fake soon after our group gained durable chords. She joined management program just because her father want her to get a master degree before perusing any career though she is not convinced with the education system. She feels that business cannot by thought by employees but by businessmen only so the government teachers just cannot teach her the real business. Any graduate needs no specific qualification but desperation of working and gaining experience at entry level assignments. According to her, she is here just to enjoy the two years at fullest. She doesn’t have a mother and so she sometimes exhibits her absence in her life.
A true depiction of a personality grossly missing in our society she once told me “Why some guys don’t behave like men and girls tends to be like men, when even biological attributes are extracting them apart?” She tucked at me as if expecting some really good answer.
My kind of men never have thought of coming to any conclusion rather keep on hating everything around me. My close pals have sometimes declared me a man of critics and big Tung. I don’t have viewpoints of my own rather than the one that I hate almost everything around me except my friends. Being a very much rich dad’s son, I never compromised with my desires neither did my father allowed me to do so. I just wished and the thing served under my command. Here in the elegant flat of a super-elated, secured and maverick residence bought for me, I have all facilities including two fulltime servants... yet I am not satisfied. I don’t know why but I do not feel like my parent will ever need me at times they will grow older or even anyone in the world will ever need me at any point of time. These feelings cranks inside me, this deflates away in all possible exhausts of heed. I Aman Mishra, Belong to a supreme gotra ‘adi-gaud’ of Brahmin joint family now lives in Delhi as a nuclear structure, indulged in the business of Garments exports. I can say that I hate my family but because I don’t have any reason to say so... I guess I do not love my family or virtually I do not love anything. I feel irritated when someone hits me during my kaleidoscopic world tour. A world helps me to retain peace and glue smile in my lips though for a while. That is why I rudely dismayed Prabhu when he came to me at the balcony today morning.
Prabhu or Prabhas Chhabra, A Sikh without turban migrated from Punjab to a deep, not so dense town, of Chhattisgarh state of India. His father is an engineer in NMDC; a public sector iron ore mines. Struggled a lot to fetch money for his engineering but soon after his graduation his father and brother supported his dream to pursue a management degree. Happy go lucky, even slightest tension or worry about the future is something remotely alien to this guy. Almost everything is unusual about this 5”6 high Gun of flesh and bone. His hobbies are weird, wearing some folk ornaments like Lions tooth as a fashion neckpiece, learning practicing and gossiping about the usage of Reki (a Chinese mediation technique) and laughing with all the guts irrespective of where he is at that point of time. Fair and bubbly aesthetic, any auxiliary Sardar without turban and beard could be his complete appearance. He too has his pro-Indian chap attitude. Though he is having a very little knowledge about present past or future of any country or I should say of him alone!! He indeed can kill you if you utter a single bad word about the country called “India”.
“Why you never take part in any college activities?” Visthi asked to me. She is not different than my school friends. She too asks such questions often. Especially after seeing anything on the college Notice board... this time it was an annual fest show casing the various acts exhibited by budding managers or technocrats. Other definition could be real time learning of how to fetch sponsor for private use via this college showbiz.
“I don’t know!” I have even not changed since then.
“Aman! Now stop being this bore… how a person can be good in studies but does not have any desire of exhibiting his talent in anything?” she tried a diagnosis of my diseases “there must be something you are hindered of…”
“Hmmn! May be!!!” I lingered for a while to put off this and said “Let’s have coffee at canteen!” I offered her while wishing of getting a glance of that Chemistry Girl.
“Oh! These boys…” in disgust she behaved like a typical girl (A rare Visthi act) but did not refused the coffee’s offer (one more typical girl act)
We walked decently quarter of a kilo meter... so slow that we took 20 minutes. As we approached the canteen, my eyeball started in Brownian motion… self-started and accelerated heart beats started praying for her single glance. A kind of never-happens-to-me electro-chemical reaction immersed my nerves. With all this we passed by the department without her glance... that un-invited smiles disappeared, I heard that Visthi is claiming that I was not listening to her so far! I recovered from that kind-of-comma thing.
“Sorry!” I said meekly “I was munching on your Ideas” a sort of complying with friend’s talk which keeps them intact with you.
“Really!” she giggled “I thought you are thinking of that Kashmiri girl….” And she turned her face away so that she can giggle teasingly...
“Goose Idiot...!! I am not like other morons thinking about stupid girls and which Kashmiris are you talking about?” one must see my face to know how anger, embarrassment and innocence can appear at once
She extended “Let me help you meet her!!”
 “What!” as now nothing left to come out straight?
“She is a chemical science scholar, migrated from Kashmir... she is a good school friend of mine” Her confidence that I am thinking about the same girl she is talking about is marvellous.
                “Oh! Really? How come you are sure that I am thinking about a girl and that too the same girl you are talking about?” I extended my curiosity
She expressed her deadly confidence as she took out her cellular phone, dialled something and cried in very girl type expressions “HI!!”
While all this we walked in the canteen to sit in an umbrella shaded old and semi-broken table chairs similar to a Tom-n-Jerry show’s dining tables.
“Hi” I heard the voice of same intensity from the other side of phone (These girls, I bobbed my head).
“Where are you guys?” her teeth are wide visible and twinkling while she was almost shouting as one talks in discos clubs. “Me in Canteen...”
“You guys’ coming?” why the hell she called them! I showed my disinterests by face.
“Hey! Is Farah with you?” ups Kashmiri, chemistry, beauty all that ran through my mind “Take her along!” and she hanged up putting back the phone and staring and smiling at me.
I suddenly wished them to come as soon as possible and tried hard to escape glances from Visthi as she continued staring at me putting her lips inside her mouth as my school physics teacher used to do at times she had to scold me. Finally I swept in Gut to look to her.
“What!” I asked pretending normalcy.
“What-What?” with the same hunting smile…
I thought it is better to goof away “Kakka!” I shouted to a self-skilled folk styled waiter to bring two coffees…
Signalled ‘two’ by the fingers
“Wait Kakka! We will order later…” Visthi jittered as if I did some crime “some more Guys are coming!”
I then realized it is almost a crime in India that you called somebody for snacking and you started early then they come, from where the world these oldies got such logics? I wondered. My horses of Imagination turned to Kashmiri girl… a beauty can never let your eyes off her cheeks or lips or wherever it sticks once. A surmounted peace and landscape of all poetic rhythms engulfs once one sees her (I am sure others too would be thinking the same as I do but can’t say if it is some special effect).
“O O O have passions darling! Look there they are!” she chuckled and I swung back to look at the entry gate.  
God! If I could sing some poems… mesmerizing… her lips should be declared as the most powerful magnets of the world.
As they approached, without a single blink I kept on staring at Farah by openly ignoring Visthi. A crank of Hi Hi Hi jarred the umbrella roof for quite a long time then came my term of introduction…
Visthi took the charge of introducing them to me… I shook hands with almost negligible attention to everyone else but daring to see her at every possible glances… it is so much inside that outer world is almost muted for that moments only the lips of others let me feel that they all are talking and laughing but my ears are drop dead for them... all I can here is my own voice thanking to God for keeping his promise (actually delivering to my wish) and supersonic pounding heart as if I am a girl and some boy has come to see me and analyzing my eligibility and qualification to get married.
Many seconds later, I managed to come out of my canvas fearing of that Visthi will paste me on tomorrow’s newspapers if she gets to notice my gestures. I asked to myself does it happen with all men or am I something abnormal? I want to see her but Visthi’s more than agent 007.
“How is Leh? Farah!” Visthi knew how to engage me full-fledged (by keeping farah talk ha!); I got electrified to listen to her voice…
Again it is like everything across the globe turned mute, all I am about to here are the words coming out of her sweet, juicy, pinkie lax lips.
She is still silent… as if framing the sentence to speak as little as possible. Her eyelashes shuttered down the pearl white eyes swiftly and reopened to penetrate my bone cage before heart.  
“Farah!” Visthi just can’t wait for long… though even me too.
“It’s good” she tried a lot to speak but in the state of refusal to lip something “... is all...! We are long to snoop here..!” she jammed everything inside me. All that guitar man behind me and melody of pianos evaporated in a second. I was fluxing in her lips movement but she discharged my feelings. What is so wrong there? I asked within me, as I heard a lot about the tensions in Kashmir but don’t know what that is?
Everyone felt the awkwardness of her statement... every one tried to make out a meaning of it and related it with the news channels gossips about the Kashmir and Indo-Pak disputes but no one are in mood to go into the detail of it... at least not in this type of gathering...
“Ya! You are out of Leh; they must be feeling lonely right!” Visthi retracted to her otherwise meant a lot sentence.
Farah had a lot to reply but she mesmerized, galloped all and said with mirror cracking smile “Yes!” then slid down her eyelashes. 

Night for me is never like the loving loneliness of morning, I usually can be found out in any bar with a couple of unwanted and good for nothing friends. Years after, this night is different; I switched off my phone sitting on the top of the water tanks situated in the top of the tallest building of Indore. I am alone with a full bottle of whisky, cigarettes and water, looking at the kaleidoscopic view of sky…
Life... like this sky filled with stars as a kaleidoscope made up of some scraps and mirrors… if you will look at it from the right direction, it appears beautiful whichever way things fall... but if the direction from you see is wrong, all you will notice is chaos… scattered pieces of utter nonsense scrapes.
It was a very rare day; I lived a life like that of a flower… almost every possible events in a human life. Tried tracking back the events and I can firmly say one thing… nothing is un-related with other.
Most beautiful and lovely eyes were gloomy today because of a political unrest. I am living in an ultra-plush villa because quite a few children play in garbage. My dad can scold other more wise old men because of wealth polarization. All emotions of love and feelings of modern Indians are the by-products of political adaptation, geological identity and incidents of pasts.
India!!! I puffed out the ton of smoke after a steep suck and only bottom sip of the peg could manage me to calm down.
What could be the solution of these untold pains surfacing at the most unusual instances of life? Nothing! I threw away the butt off after another deep puff. It was 3AM of the morning, I returned to flat. I guess my father took the world upside down. The moment I cramped door, Prabhu shouted like a Mammoth “Where Have you been?” wide eye anger and vibrating face… “Your dad is about to call police to report you are missing…”
I felt pissed off as if I can’t live a peaceful life…
“Call your dad...! He is badly worried” Prabhu cooled down his temper as he spoke normally.
‘‘Hello Dad!” I clutched the phone between my shoulder and cheek to get my hands free for having water…
“Son!” his voice was like he was breathing heavily “Love you son… I am sorry son… I promise you get your car this week! Tell me which one and of what colour? And you promise you will never do like this again, I am half dead you can’t imagine how mom is feeling right now, she is paranoid” I wanted to say him calm down dad I am fine but… A car wow!
“Sorry dad! I did not know that you may call this time… I never wanted to get you troubled so badly, I was just sad… and I was alone with me till now above the terrace. Where’s Mom?” He was so much scared that I found it my duty to normalize him.
I got to get that mom is on phone. Mother’s closeness can be perfectly guessed by intuitions “Hey! Mom I love you! You know na? How can I go anywhere without letting you know?”
“Yes Darling! But I am a mother; you can’t understand how it is like to be…” she is still sobbing.
“Love you mummy! Calm down, just feel like you’re hugging me…” and I closed my eyes. None of us spoke for quite a long time…
“Son! So you were not upset for the Car?” mummy tracked back to her normal tempo.
“Mom! Let’s have a deal! Get me a car and I will give a distinction mark-sheet this year… what to say?? Hmm!” a very jolly kidding words for which my mom can do anything.
“Deal...!” I can feel the wife of a class business man is wiping her eyes (A classic proof that global warming melting the glaciers) and she giggled.
After only disconnecting the phone I got to notice that Visthi, Mannu and Prabhu, all are ready with some kind of domestic weapons, have attacked on me. Mannu covered me from blanket. Seconds later with few more punches and kicks they dashed me on floor. I need to recover before I could tell what happened then…
A mixed day or more than mixed… A car, a girl and so many friends… I am talking to myself while they helped me come up on the bed. Visthi brought Maggie from the kitchen.
“It is 4 of the morning Vissi, How are you going back?” seems I got full consciousness only after their kicks and punches… I took a plate of mine
“Stop showing your ass***!” she replied as she gonna kill me for this “You know! Whole girl’s hostel knows you are missing!” girls gossips oh my God “...and my dad too.” She extended
Girls! I said beneath my teeth’s only dared not to voice it.  
“So popular” Prabhu asked “Fame in girl’s hostel?” he turned to me with a wide mouth of ‘Wow!’ and patted on my ‘doubted-ly’ broken shoulder.
“Why you told to your dad Vissi?” Mannu a mum like fish species asked
“I thought my Army officer dad must be having some Idea” she innocently thumbed up the gossip agenda.
When or at what level will girls stop gossiping? I wondered and swallowed in big bulge of Maggie noodles. She left the room after saying.
“I am in third bed room latching it from inside, don’t dare to wake me up before ten!” she warned while walking towards my bed room.
She suddenly turned to say “Hey Aman! She is too worried about your whereabouts!!”
“Goose! Can’t you keep it away” I shouted when she banged off.
I can see rest of the two species gazing at me like I do with a hot chicken tandoori...
“What?” I dared to keep it curtained but of no use. They then peeled off everything which even Visthi wouldn’t have noticed.

Yaar’s Car
“India has long way of evolution. Since its existence, well before days of Indus-Valley Civilization, It repeatedly got some or other close saves from either by the Natural Catastrophe or civilian misleading” Our Professor of Business Ethics is preaching us while entire class is mum and devoted to his words.
This lecture is just too good to miss. He is telling us about how we began and what are we becoming. He continues...
“Aryans, Turks, Mughals, and British everyone invaded like they cakewalked to the reign of Delhi” I wondered why he is teaching history in the lecture of business ethics None without malicious ambition but India Survived as if it is still waiting for some revolutionary charge to hold back the supreme saddle of world... which has arrived...” His eyes explored the impact of his statement on us and again he continued “... It is for the first time that, we Indians are the youngest in the world, got the biggest talent pool with a perfect mix of opportunity and threat.” He got to see that we are finding it hard to consume so he explained “Opportunity is we are youngest at the time when rest of the world is growing old and threat is we are very broadly divided in extreme poverty and are socially graded.” We all nodded “...We are among the countries having highest narcotics consuming habits and do not have any concrete agenda to live life” he continued his jaw dropping statistics about India till time allowed him to be in the class.
Class adjourned! Very few classes are so interesting that we forget breaks.   
“Business Ethics, a subject which wouldn’t have been so interesting if anyone else would have been taking this lecture” Visthi said while we came out of the classroom and headed towards the Snacks stall outside the university campus.
“Stop these books and classes... we should be ashamed of... people of our age do not talk about this at-least not outside the college campus!!” Prabhu never loves lectures… “True” supported by Mannu
“Hey Cig…?” Mannu pointed to go out of premises at the tea stall (A unique retail format in India having largest sales frequency and lowest profit margin).
Mannu sipped in the tea and lit the cigarette and said “Guy’s one thing is rightly said” puffed off the smoke “We idiot Indians are in great threat… see it is the live example, Aman boozes like hell so do I and this idiot Prabhu has just began because of us” he sipped in tea again and gasped in smoke steeply “We all three are classified as three different classes of Indian society”
Prabhu extends “Ye..! My dad is an employee he understands the importance of quality education and self-reliance unlike Manu’s dad because he is a farmer of a very small land his first priority is to let his kitchen keep feeding the family but his dad with all his might and bravery managed to educate Mannu” he forgot that his tea is nearing the room temperature “...And Aman, you just got it without any intention of getting it right?”
I said nothing, why everything around me forces me think of who am I…? I replied a dry smile as a token of their expectation when they are still staring at me. They looked further to me for coming out with my view… how can I? When I really don’t have any intention to get into this young-kids talk?
Visthi played my part “Buddies!! For everything only we are responsible...”
“How?” asked Mannu and offloaded all carbon dioxide from his bronchial chambers…
“Irrrrr stop this…!! Turn away your face while smoking…!” she bluntly expressed her disgust on smoking in a vary girly-verly style.
“What are you guys doing this Sunday?” Asked Prabhu to retain the atmosphere as Visthi has got irritated of smokes...
“Nothing as such…” replied Visthi and other two expressed same.  They again turned to see my views suddenly my phone rang. (Everyone minds the sudden interruptions of telecoms but no one expresses it)
“Will be with you guys where else?” I replied quickly before picking up the dad’s call.
‘Hey Dad!’ my eyes started twinkling… ‘Yes dad’ ‘I will, surly!’ ‘Ok dad’ all affirmative replies… ‘Love you dad, bye dad!’ and I disconnected… screamed loudest possible
“What?” everyone shouted...
“CaaaaaaRRRR!!” another scream… “Hurray!” cried everyone else…
“So! This Sunday in the car of Mr. Aman, Let’s cruise to Tinchha Fall…” Prabhu freezes the Sunday calendar accepted by all in same tone.
We did not return to college campus from the tea shop, dad has told that he has discussed the payment mode with some of his friend having car showroom near Palasia Square and I can choose anything of my desire. By the evening we all drove out on the road with a black colour Hyundai i20, fuelled in and zoomed out in the bypass road shouting singing and laughing…
Visthi with her girl typed programmed BIOS system said “Guys lets go to Khajrana Mandir!
I wonder that women from teen to gray do have the same thinking… at the time of documentations, Mom has asked to promise for the same. She insisted me to go to Khajrana Temple as a first visit from the showroom to temple and now this Visthi.
“Order or …” I tried a tactful attempt to avoid the unavoidable.
“How sweet!!! You take my words as order!!!” Visthi said by repeatedly blinking and winking eyes as if she is the only Aishwarya Rai alive on earth.
Rest all noises which are otherwise known as the way of discussion of young bloods have proved that often one girl is sufficient to drive the whole army of men in the way of her choice. This is how the last sentence of Visthi has tarnished all the (About to be effective) tactics of boys
“Drop me here right away if you guys don’t want to go to temple…” she then did not utter out a single word till we parked the car at the spot where all the so called holy spirits do eagerly wait for the scapegoats like us to be butchered with stakes of one rupee coins adding to a many 100 rupees notes comprising big odd lucky numbers and kilos of Laddoos to honour the Lord Ganesh and God’s innate ambassadors on earth ‘the holy priest’ (A way of thanksgiving as per Hindu Rituals). After this so much of idiotism had been showcased, I wondered that what the cumulative price of this car is after this thanksgiving. Satisfaction of a Girl worth tonnes more than discomfort of all boys put together though in our case discomfort is defined a bit different (How else should I express we want to booze uuh!).
We left the temple after a long worship and complete satisfaction of Visthi. I found a good scope to further broaden my cheer of easy breaths by calling my Mom from the temple (Particularly at the time when bells were ringing on full swing to make her believe that we went temple). She relaxed off the tension because her son is so much obedient and god fearing and I relived that both of the female companion of mine are done with their most important task of remembering God at every special occasion and so they will set me free within a short while (I would have been right at my planning but If only man could ever been capable of guessing what girls will do next…).
Visthi got the new Idea “Guys! Let’s have a dinner at some outskirt restaurants!!!”  Every one of us looked at each other’s face to find out any sufficient reason to drop Visthi at her hostel and cruise into some exotic bar cum disco… but she re-changed her mind in her next Idea…
Said “Buddies how about a movie plus long drive and dinner???” she chuckled and like owls kept on staring at us to get our nod.
“Visthi, If we refuse will you repeat that sentence ‘drop me here right away…’” asked Mannu and all exploded to laugh
“Aman! Drop me right here right now… just stop car right away” she is almost red eyed and a drop rolled out, OMG! Suddenly appeared drop dead silence after a long laugh broke. Only when she started crying outwardly… 
With poor baby boys faces we all are stunned and frozen, I am almost clueless and car is in its full velocity…
“Aman!!! Stop it now!!!” She cried like a tigress, I pushed the break or it pushed itself whatever…  
She is now forcing the door to cling off but Mannu took his charge to hold her… “Stop it now, have you gone nuts?” a mixed expression of disguise, fear and certainty choked his voice and owlet his eyes, Visthi still not in any mood of lying back in car.
“Enough!” Shouted Mannu and cars interior was at its most silent phase... a long after we purchased it.
Nobody said anything, even engine when shunted the ignition key got too loud to be heard and we zoomed in to the Treasure-Island mall, a few beautiful anecdote of modern architectures in India and in Indore City. It is first time after that Visthi murmured ‘no I don’t wanna go movie’
We engaged Mannu at the parking floor to take her up at PVR and we left for the box office… after buying the tickets and calling them twice on phone, when they appear at the escalator…
“Without beer, with new car
             Dry celebration in the PVR”
Welcome the …………” Prabhu tried a rhythmic description of how we have been feeling but couldn’t
We laughed “If only Mannu could have tried this” I suggested
“True! He is a marvellous poet!” said Prabhu “But how he made Visthi to calm down when she was on her peak of ‘anger with tears’” He demanded my comment!
“Buddy! A man is always intelligent until he is not drunk!” and we burst out loud for long… ceased only when we realized all others are watching us. 
Mannu’s face predicted the trauma of handling a wild tigress at her predators’ mode alone in the parking floor nonetheless movie with a popcorn is super-ice coolant for any wild tigress… she enjoyed the movie or perhaps the company of Mannu or both.
Out of hall at back to the parking floor! It is past 1:00 of mid night… perhaps dinner would be ready by the servants but after so much of popcorn and cold-drinks... and unquenched thirst of whisky
A girl, whose hostel still does have all government high schools gossips about the whereabouts of a girl or the warden can crank the dad’s phone if not reached on time. She seemed very normal.
I looked around the boys to signal the possibility of availability of a few beers and said “Visthi should we drop you to your hostel?”
“Nuts! What you want my dad to do with you guys?” She giggled and declared that she is gonna stay in our flat tonight too and I wondered how dropping to her hostel safely at this night could provoke her father to do something untoward with us and its other way around will help us escaping from this danger uh! We drove in to our lovely apartment!
In the late night (too much late night I must say) even an hour late when Visthi left us to sleep in our third bed room (Her self-proclaimed space in our flat) Mannu received an SMS. He poked it to me too to read it…
--------------SMS text----------------------
“It’ws blssed day... u gys bought car, I just wished you all don’t drink tonight… so I did so much drama. Though Mannu 1st tym I felt some1 so close to me… thanks GN”


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