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Winning elections doesn't negate the burden of truths

In the era of post truth, when the top nothing CEOs and bureaucrats also strongly believe and pedalling the narratives of communal hatred, expecting anything from the commoners is called useless. Congress is falling in the same well communists fell two decades ago. Wrapping heads with intelligentsia turban and thinking people will accept you will not give you the baton of democracy.

We cannot fight and win from the BJP by sitting in an armchair and cherishing a handful of young congressmen sweating out under the sun. Jignesh worked hard, Rahul is working hard but what else? Who else worked with sufficient responsibility and valour? Why are the sons and daughters of the sons and daughters of great congress leaders worried about their failures? Is it because they've enough to live on? Don't they respect the deeds of their own forefathers? Is there any bone element left in their spines? Or nerve element for that matter? Are they convinced that they will keep using the sticks of their forefathers only?

Allegations on BJP about shuddering the communal cord of India, dragging India into the loop of poverty and maligning Indian image internationally is not wrong. India's position against China, Russia and Israel is shamefully cowardly. The falsification of Indian hood in Rishi Sunak, Kamala Harris, Sundar Pichai etc is misleading and misplaced. They cannot negate these truths by showing electoral results but victory subsidies all arguments against it. Sun smears off the stars and moons of the sky so is victory. It smears off the scars, stains, patches and hollowness of the winners.

The fact that BJP is dangerous to the fabric of India js not going to translate into votes until the opposition doesn't coordinate the war against the gigantic BJP inclusively.

I propose the following steps congress must take.

1. Set an alternate narrative bigger than the nationality score BJP is gaining. Nationalism is the second most powerful commodity of India after religion. Separate it from religious hold.

2. Ignore the communal position of BJP completely. Stop acknowledging it. No one can win this game. 28% of BJP votes are based upon Muslim hatred, it's not going to change for a decade at least. 28% is not a winning margin. Let the BJP gain this but everything else should be snatched from BJP.

3. Develop another powerful rumor machine. Rumours cannot be killed by knowledge. Like poison kills poison, only rumours can kill rumours.

4. Develop genuine and strong community based leaders in every region of India. Assign them the task of weaving a volunteer base of their own community.

5. Develop the external funding units. If you are not asking for contributions from the voters and opinion makers of society, you never win their trust. Win the NRIs confidence and trust, they are the opinion makers and big ticket donors.

6. Find your own money lords. Mirco funding is insufficient to match the scale BJP is sitting on.

7. Use technology for the micromanagemet of the election management. Start it way ahead of the actual election season.

8. Develop a master team to command this war. Unsettle and reject the existing second and third line of leadership structure of the party internally.

No one is invincible, let's steer through and recalibrate our power to fight and win.


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