Lead your people in a way that they're prepared for the days you're gone...

Let's begin

"A leader inspires more leaders, a slave enslaves more slaves... who're you?" - J. Rajaram 

How will I help you?

By listening to you

No matter how determined we're, we need a validation from the one who at least listens with open heart

By advising you

Hear everyone but do what you think is right... My advise ends here but incase you want to hear it again...

By setting a plan 

Thinking is easy, acting is tough. Let's master the art of team, timing and traction.... 


सिफ़र शेष

हमारे आस पास लेकिन अनदेखी कहानीयों का संग्रह 

Jal Mahal
My Wise Countrymen


My Wise Countrymen

A novel about six friends who think world needs correction to ferment love... 

Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Risk taking is not risk taking; 
Not risk taking is risk taking... 


You're mentor's profile

A teacher now, a politician in making, I will forever live as a scholar. I was born in a deep village, I will die away in deep universe.

My only ability is that I listening to people. It helps me learn what my role is and how should I play my role. Hope keeps me engaged with everything I do.

I don't know all the answers but I know how to pose the questions and attempt them. This is why you should talk to me. 

As a teacher, storyteller, poet and politician my goal is to provide proper stage to the voice of unheard.


Value - My ethics should reach to you before my name.
Vision- Leaders create leaders, slave creates slaves 
Belief- Risk taking is not risk taking, not risk taking is risk taking. 




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