Lead your people for the days you're gone...

- J. Rajaram


If you're a leader, we should talk. Following are the subjects we should talk upon.

  • Facing big audience online/offline? Not sure how to win? Let's talk

  • Are you doing your PhD, or other research project? Stuck? Book a Call

  • Need Funding? Earn it, don't beg. How? Let's talk..

  • UPSC/State PSC/Any Govt. Office Interview


If you want to read new stories and in new style of narration, you should pick one... 

Author of

सिफ़र शेष

अनदेखी कहानीयों का संग्रह 

Jal Mahal
My Wise Countrymen

Author of


My Wise Countrymen

This world needs correction to ferment love... 


Few quotes, I wrote and I believe upon

Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Risk taking is not risk taking; 
Not risk taking is risk taking... 


You're mentor's profile

A teacher now, a politician in making, I will forever live as a scholar. I was born in a deep village, I will die far away in the deep universe.

I've big ears, I listen to people. It helps me learn my role.

I don't know all the answers but I know how to ask the questions... This is why you should talk to me. 


As a teacher, storyteller, poet, and politician my goal is to provide a proper stage for the voices of the unheard.

Value - My ethics should reach to you before my name.
Vision- Leaders create leaders, slave creates slaves 
Belief- Risk taking is not risk taking, not risk taking is risk taking. 




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