Lead your people for the days you're gone...

- J. Rajaram

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सिफ़र शेष

अनदेखी कहानीयों का संग्रह 

Jal Mahal
My Wise Countrymen

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My Wise Countrymen

This world needs correction to ferment love... 

  • Facing big audience online/offline? Not sure how to win? Let's talk

  • Are you doing your PhD, or other research project? Stuck? Book a Call

  • Need Funding? Earn it, don't beg. How? Let's talk..

  • UPSC/State PSC/Any Govt. Office Interview

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Risk taking is not risk taking; 
Not risk taking is risk taking... 


Let's see what we all can achieve together... 

It is not easy to sail alone, nor it required to be alone. 

We all will have a plan 

for our tribe, for our clan 

Jitendra Rajaram Verma,