A life will be worth living if...

"As a teacher today and a politician tomorrow, my job is to sensitise the cause of the poor.


They're talented, artistic, willing, capable and working very hard to claim what is theirs!"  

सिफ़र शेष

हमारे आस पास लेकिन अनदेखी कहानीयों का संग्रह 

My Wise Countrymen.jpeg

My Wise Countrymen

A novel about six friends who think world needs correction to ferment love... 

Image by Eder Pozo Pérez

A leader create leaders and a follower create followers! 

Who are you? - J. Rajaram



Mantra- Risk taking is not risk taking, not risk taking is risk taking. 

Value - My ethics should reach to your ears before my name.


Vision- Leaders creates leaders, slaves create slaves  

Mission- Quality education for every human in this world 

A teacher now, a politician in making and a scholar forever. I was born in a village, I will die away from earth.

Listening to people helps me learn what my role is and how should I play. Hope keeps me engaged with everything I do. I want to voice everyone's concern. As teacher, storyteller, poet and politician my goal is to provide proper stage to the voice of unheard.  




Indore | India 

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