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Lead your people for the days you're gone...

- J. Rajaram

Indian Politician Jitendra Rajaram Verma
सिफ़र शेष.jpg

सिफ़र शेष

अनदेखी कहानीयों का संग्रह 

Jal Mahal
My Wise Countrymen


My Wise Countrymen

This world needs correction to ferment love... 


Politics is the act of negotiating the rights of equality and justice for the people of your clan in the myriads of never ending tussle to unsettle the existing power arrangements of globally designed and microscopically knitted social system. 

Jitendra Rajaram Verma,

Image by Cristofer Jeschke

Risk taking is not risk taking; 
Not risk taking is risk taking... 

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